Friday, February 24, 2012

Really? "Koran burning: Should the United States stop apologizing?"

Just about a year ago the big news was that a church in Florida was going to spend their Saturday burning Qurans, I remember being glued to my TV to see if the guy was really going to go through with it or not. So let us Fast forward a year...the U.S. Army accidentally burns a crate of Qurans & the people of Afghanistan are out raged & rioting. Is there really an shock here? They hear our Presidential candidates saying things like "If you want to work for me denounce Sharia" and "I will never have a Muslim on my staff." Companies are pulling their ads from a TV show that that shows Muslims as moderate &...well...normal because a church in Florida told them to (do you notice a theme here?).
For this next statement please understand that I NEVER condone violence. It is never the right answer to anything & as my mom used to say "it never solves anything, it only leads to more violence."
But can you blame them for the way they are reacting?
Obama sent a letter of apology, & other government agencies have done the same, but to average Joe on the street do you thing that letters of apologies matter?
When that candidate said they would only put a Muslim on their staff if they denounced Sharia I did a few others...what would happen if someone said "I will only put a Christian on my staff if they denounce the 10 Commandments." I am pretty sure all holy hell would break lose and you would see Christians calling for that persons head on a platter.
So let's alter the question a little...let's say you were a Christian living in an area like Afghanistan (think of the economics of the area & the infrastructure as well) and you heard that a group of people had burned a crate of Bibles. What would the reaction be?
But hey it's ok! Their leader sent your leader a letter (say that 5 times fast) and said sorry it was an accident. What would your reaction still be the same? And would an "I am sorry, my bad" (but I am assuming Obama was way more cool than that) letter fix the issue?
We are in a war in someone else land ( a war if I might point out that caused the fall of the USSR, but that is another topic for another time) that...well how about this analogy...if you had a guest in your house that, well let's be honest, wasn't really invited in the first place, but while they are in your house they start to set fire to things that mean the world to you, maybe the only few things that you have. How would you react?
I am not saying I have the answer, I am not saying that ether side is right or wrong. I am saying THINK.
I am not sure that saying sorry enough, but at the same time being all indignant and saying "I said sorry what else do you want?" probably isn't the way to go.
I really don't know what I would do here...What would you do?

Koran burning: Should the United States stop apologizing?

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