Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just got news The Recovery Podcast is now on!

WOOT WOOT! There is yet another way to take in the podcast!

" might interest you if you want an easy way to both listen to your favourite shows and discover new ones. is a podcasting service in the cloud. You use it in your web browser – there are no apps to install, just an easy-to-use method to create a free account called a channel, add theRSS feed addresses of podcasts to your channel, save, and listen. You can also add iTunes feeds as well as import an OPML file you already have.

I’ve been podcasting for over seven years and listen to a lot of other podcasts. Typically, I subscribe to them and get the audio files usually from iTunes via an RSS reader. The old fashioned way! It’s cumbersome and often imperfect, though, and probably one reason why I don’t listen as much or as often as I’d like to.

What offers is streaming audio on demand. It really is easy to set up and use as I discovered today."

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